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Auriferra Republic

8th & 9th May, 2020

Fort Mason, San Francisco

Auriferra Republic

The Aetheric Telegraph Office presents




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The Aetheric Telegraph Office is proud to present the inaugural celebration of the establishment of the Auríferra Republic! An endeavor built on the labors of a dedicated cadre of affluent gentlefolk and humble, hard-working citizens alike, we are dedicated to bringing the unique artistic and technological innovation of California to the forefront of this modern age. 


Confer and convene at San Francisco’s Fort Mason, and explore a historically alternative California, meeting the myriad of citizens that make up the Republic’s populace. For one weekend in May, this 2020, the Auríferra Republic will be filling the fort with steampunk vendors, crafts, fashion, and entertainment of the theatrical, musical, and cinematic persuasion! 


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