Actions, Artists & Acts

What to expect? Why, the unexpected, of course. 

Aetheric Telegraph Office

Send Aetheric Telegrams to your friends-- and if you don't have any, send them to youreslf!


Loud accordionist, penny-farthing extraordinaire, and man who lights items on fire!

Easily Offended Gentlemen

Was that a sideways glance you shot, my good sir? Consider the gauntlet thrown, Señor!

A Séance

A proper Victorian séance led by none other than our man Strangely... why worry?

Lee Presson & the Nails

The spookiest swing band on the West Coast (and possibly the world!)

Tea Duels

The fastest way to end an argument in the West.

The Interval

Investigate their 10,000 year clock, and even get 10% off drinks at The Interval bar just a few hundred feet from us at Fort Mason.


Have you seen this man? What about that one? What about him over there?

The General's Residence

An illustrious Society Club on the Fort that you have just been invited to join!

Aetheric Image Visualizer

Let the Aetheric Image Visualizer see what is hidden to the human eye--the newest technology from the pioneers of California!


Like (above) Geoff Vassallo's Taxidermic Creatures of Fascination!

Battle Croquet

A high speed game of intense action, played on the green of the General's Residence. Grab your mallets! (Or we'll have them for you)

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